Custom Window Treatment

Beat the Heat with Window Treatments | Boca BlindsIf you’re considering replacing your old window treatments, there’s a number of good reasons to prefer custom window treatments instead. They’re more convenient and easier to fit than the ready-made alternatives. Many you’ve never even thought of. In this article, look at seven advantages of having custom window blinds. They’ll make your house feel new again.

There’s nothing that says class and elegance like having custom window treatments made to measure for your windows. And while you’re at it, why not have matching curtains for the whole house? Designer roman shades or pleated or layered blinds? Even if it’s just the office, you’re sure to look and feel more like the bosses in a swanky city center loft, than in a house in the suburbs. We get more info on when to look for custom options

Motorized shades and blinds can also make your living room window treatments more efficient. These motorized shades come with motors that let you raise or lower the panels to regulate the amount of light that gets into your rooms. If you have thick curtains, you’ll find these work particularly well to let in enough natural light to brighten up the nooks and crannies of your rooms, but if you have dark draperies, they’ll let in less light – and glare.

Not only can you make your windows work better, but you can make them look better too. For example, when you replace your old, ill-fitting coverings with custom window treatments, you can change the look of your windows without spending more than a few hundred dollars. By choosing fabrics, shades and blinds that match your current curtains, you can make a big impact on the overall look of your windows. Your old draperies will be replaced with new fabrics, while your upholstery and hardware can match the colors in your new shades or blinds.

One thing you may want to avoid when choosing your custom window treatments is going with pleated patterns. Many people with wooden windows have painted them in a Pleated pattern, thinking it would help bring out the color of their wood. Unfortunately, Pleated patterns are known for letting the sun through, making your rooms cooler. The same goes for solid paneling – most people who buy panels to replace their curtains often do so because the old ones weren’t attractive to them – again, allowing the sun to get through and make the rooms colder. In both cases, it’s better to use blinds that block out the sunlight completely, but you can’t do that with pleated panels.

Fortunately, there is a way to fix this problem. Most custom window treatments sold at a retail store are actually made out of fabrics that are specially treated to block out UV rays. You will have to measure your windows, so be sure to take note of what the actual size of your windows are. The fabrics that are made specifically for blocking sunlight won’t cost much more than regular curtains, and they will actually be worth their weight in gold if you live in a place where the sun is very common.

If you want to add details to your custom window treatments that will actually help to save you money as well, you can always buy blinds with cutouts. It all depends on how you want to cover your windows. Some people prefer to use fabric and other people like to use the lace type of custom window treatments that add details to the window. While the fabric is still expensive, you will spend far less than you would on pleated blinds or solid panel curtains. Not only will the look be unique, but you can also buy blinds that add details to your walls without having to actually replace the existing curtains.

If you have enough money to go for custom window treatments that include lace or fabric, then you have to make sure that you add extra money towards custom window treatments that are made of real fabric. No one can tell your curtains from your blinds unless you pull them down, so make sure that you do this as well. The stock window blinds will always be cheaper than the real fabric window coverings that are available, so if you really want to cover your windows, the best thing that you can do is buy real fabric window coverings.