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Semi Truck Brake Maintenance is very important to the safety of your cargo. This is especially true if you use your semi for hauling heavy loads. Regular maintenance will prevent expensive repairs if brake parts become worn out. In addition, a good set of brakes can significantly reduce accidents caused by poor braking. Here are several important things to learn about semi truck brake maintenance; You can get additional information at view publisher site

Know Your Brakes – One of the most important things you must know about semi truck brakes is how to recognize the normal operating conditions. Check to see that the brake pressure is correct. If you see excessive slippage in the brake shoe or problem with brake fluid flow, then brake fluid will probably need to be added or re-charged. If you feel that brake life is not as good as you think it should be, then you may want to check and make sure that the calipers are properly sized and the pads are properly fitted.

Proper Shifting – You will need to make sure that your semi-truck brakes are correctly shifted. Some trucks do not have fully automatic brakes while others come with semi-truck brake maintenance that is easy to follow. To shift your brakes, pull the brake cord and apply pressure on both sides with your foot. Then, release the pressure and slowly and evenly shift both wheels. This ensures that both brakes have the right amount of grip to effectively slow you down or stop.

Keep Your Vehicles Durability In addition to making sure that your semi truck brakes last, you will want to protect your vehicle’s body from damage. Make sure that your tires are inflated properly and that you check them regularly for slippage. Also, keep a sharp eye out for cracks and chips. These things can lead to large repairs that will cost you even more money to fix.

Off-road Driving Some drivers actually like to drive their vehicles off-road. If this is the case with you then you will want to be sure that your semi truck brake maintenance includes the use of appropriate traction control. Many vehicles come equipped with limited slip differential and this can be very handy. If you have a semi that comes with a limited slip differential, be sure to add this feature to your list of maintenance items.

Brake Wear – Not all types of vehicle brake systems wear at the same rate. Your semi truck brake maintenance list should include the proper care and replacement of brake systems as well. When brakes fail, they wear out very quickly.

Proper Vehicle Driving Habits – Part of your maintenance routine should involve learning proper vehicle driving habits. This means checking the speedometer, checking the fuel, looking over the side mirrors, and paying attention to brake lights and wipers. All of these things can contribute to a safer drive. When you pay attention to your vehicle during your driving habits you will notice things like road debris and bad road and weather conditions. By slowing down or avoiding these things you can extend the life of your semi truck brakes and reduce your Semi Truck brake maintenance costs.

That is it! That is all the information that you need to know for completing your semi truck brake maintenance. The next step is to take action, which means putting in the necessary hours to ensure the safety of your vehicle and your own life. Safety is what your vehicle brakes are all about, so do it today!

Make sure that you have a mechanic check the condition of your brakes. They will likely give you a recommended service schedule. You should be able to get this schedule from your dealer. The last thing you want to do is to wait until the next scheduled maintenance day to have your semi trucks repair completed. You should be able to get this schedule directly from your dealer.

Once you have scheduled your maintenance call, your mechanic will go over the whole vehicle with a fine tooth comb. He or she will look at your brake pads, rotors, and other components one by one and give you a detailed report on what he or she thinks is wrong. Then it is time for you to make decisions based upon the findings. If you were fortunate enough to have your rotors serviced recently, then your mechanic may suggest that you have them checked immediately in order to save yourself some money on your brake pads and rotors.

In general, it is wise to have your semi’s brakes inspected once a year. If you have not serviced your brakes in a while, then it is important to complete this task. Once you have the brakes inspected, you can determine what needs to be done to keep your brakes functioning properly. This will ultimately save you money on repairs and you will also be giving your brakes a much-needed break from daily wear and tear.